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For sale Beachfront Boutique hotel in the north of Mauritius.

Located in Pointe aux Canonniers in front of the turquoise bay, this magnificent hotel is on sale turnkey. Composed of 23 spacious, bright and modern rooms, a design inspired by the lagoon of the lively Grand Bay seaside resort.

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Premium location, very high standing area…

Located in Pointe aux Canonniers in front of the turquoise bay, this magnificent hotel is on sale turnkey. Composed of 23 spacious, bright and modern rooms, a design inspired by the lagoon of the lively Grand Bay seaside resort.
  • Accessible to: Mauritian & Foreigner
  • Location: Pointe aux Canonniers
  • Criteria: : magnificent view of Grand Baie and the turquoise bay
  • Accommodations: 23 keys
  • Equipment: Fully equipped kitchen, 2 restaurants, Bar, Spa,, office spaces, laundry room, boathouse, rooftop sundeck, basement space, etc….
  • Status: Operational

Property Summary

Having a great passion and admiration for Mauritius, his objective at the start was to take an active role in the promotion of this island. By highlighting his energy, his expertise and in-depth knowledge of this amazing territory he built this hotel.

Island resorts tend to look the same from one tropical destination to the next, he had the conviction and the will to promote Pointe aux Canonniers and the unveil a new image of one of the most beautiful bays in Mauritius so had the courage to propose a project of a modern Design Luxury Boutique Hotel open to all Mauritians and as well as international tourists, a dream that follows his convictions and beliefs!

Based on this intuition and with the architect designer Albert Angel, an original decorative scenario, a highly modern upscale and chic and contemporary architecture, where the interior decoration focuses on the light and sober colours, whereby even the stylish furniture were designed and customized. Tribute to the breath-taking beauty of the ocean, the amazing turquoise and translucent waters of the seabed.

In the hotel, all the elements allow the reflection on the light, whether it is on the waves-shaped walls, on the floor that evokes the backwash trails on the beach or through the chandeliers floating in the air like majestic jellyfish in the sea. Those components draw endless ballets of infinite curves underlined by multiple indirect lighting. United by tailor-made recurrent architectural elements and furniture, this dreamlike atmosphere sets the tone of the entire project. The hotel provides a relaxing, intimate and elegant atmosphere where comfort & simplicity are centre stage….

The upscale 23-key Boutique Hotel, opened in 2014, has a 52-year lease.

This hotel features highly modern upscale and chic and contemporary architecture, amenities and offers unique accommodation experience. It also includes F&B outlets with the finest local and international food, Japanese sushi restaurant & Bar, Spa on offer, as well as and leisure services. The luxurious smaller size of the Hotel emphasizes the natural surroundings and brings a true feeling of a private and serene tropical escape.

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This Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of the coastal village of Pointe Aux Canonniers in the north-western part of Mauritius. A peaceful and quiet residential area close to all main commodities and admiring the picturesque bay of Grand Bay with its turquoise waters and the amazing panoramic views of Coin de Mire 'Gunner's Quoin‘
The North of Mauritius is renowned for being a highly touristic area, for the plenty activities on its beautiful sandy beaches offering water sports and unforgettable cruising to the Northern Islets. It is the place where tourists enjoy strolling, water sports, shopping or savoring the delights of local cuisine. The North also conceals other treasures away from the coast, its historical sites & heritage.

Boutique Hotels & Mauritius

The most essential features of boutique hotels are authenticity and individuality. Most boutique hotels are generally not part of a chain, and as such it has the freedom to incorporate local concepts and unique hotel themes, while focusing on providing tailor made services to its customers.
Mauritian boutique hotels have unique exotic aesthetics inspired by the natural beauty and the tropical setting of the island as well as diverse gastronomic options sampling the culinary fusion traditions of the several cultures present here. The goal being to give a taste of the famed Mauritian hospitality, knowing that the hotel staff is always attentive to your needs, without ever being overbearing.

Revenue Growth Potential

Since its founding days in the early 2014's, Baystone has strived to build its brand identity by offering customers a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The experiential aspect of the brand has been consistently and effectively implemented across the globe. In addition, Baystone has also built its brand on things that tend to be out of the box, by consistently defying conventional wisdom.

Hospitality and tourism are among the most dynamic sectors of the Mauritian economy. Mauritius is a destination with enormous potential, for those looking to invest in this strategic growth sector. Despite a challenging pandemic year which has leads to forced closure, Mauritius tourism and the global hospitality market is expected to grow. This Boutique hotel with 21 rooms, 2 Restaurant & a Spa have great opportunities to be more successful in its growth and expansion strategy.

Tourism Market Overview

Every year, around 1.3 Million tourists visit the island of Mauritius. The Tourism Industry contributed more than 12% to the total GDP.

Globally, Mauritius ranked as the 54th preferred international destination in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017, with leisure tourism being the primary purpose of visit accounting for 93% of all arrivals.

Europe being the largest source region, accounts for 59% of all arrivals. Key source markets from Europe include France, United Kingdom and Germany. Africa is the second largest source region, accounting for 22% of arrivals, with key source markets being Reunion, South Africa, and Malagasy Republic. Asian arrivals accounted for 15% of arrivals.

The Mauritius Tourism Development Plan sets target that Mauritius acquires the 'Green Destination' status by 2030. Promoting sustainable tourism that reduces the negative environmental impacts, improves positive sustainability impacts, while improving the sectors competitiveness.

Tourist arrivals have grown consistently over the past two decades and is predicted that the stable growth will continue.

Economic Market Overview

Mauritius’s economic freedom score is 70.9, making its economy the 30th freest in the 2022 Index. Mauritius is ranked 1st among 47 countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa region, and its overall score is above the regional and world averages.

Since independence in 1968, Mauritius has undergone a remarkable economic transformation from agriculturally based economy to a diversified, upper-middle-income country that has attracted considerable foreign investment and has one of the Africa region’s highest per capita GDPs. In the long-term, the Mauritius GDP Annual Growth Rate is projected to trend around 5.40 percent in 2023 and 4.00 percent in 2024, according to our econometric models. The services sector is the largest sector of the Mauritius' economy and accounts for 76 percent of total GDP.

The economy of Mauritius is a mixed developing economy based on agriculture, exports, financial services, and tourism. Services and Tourism remain important economic drivers, and maritime security is a priority.

Mauritius Hotel Market

Hotel supply in Mauritius is distributed in six to eight main supply nodes, with the largest concentration in the North of Mauritius (40%), followed by the West (26%) and then the East (24%). The South (11%). Mauritius has developed an extensive range of hotels networks, and many accommodation solutions. Today there are about 150 hotels of the Island of Mauritius situated on almost all parts of the Island. Driven by an increase in the number of foreign visitors from Europe and Asia-Pacific due to an increase in the number of flight seats and sustained promotions, a boom is expected in the hotel industry in Mauritius.

Mauritius recorded more than a million bookings from 1st January 2022 to 1st January 2023, despite all the challenges Mauritius is set to reclaim its place as one of the most popular destinations in the world. Tourism typically accounts for nearly 24 per cent of the nation’s GDP, and the Government has set a target of 1.4 million visitors during the calendar year 2023.

Other drivers of tourism growth in Mauritius can to be attributed to several initiatives by the country's government and tourism authorities in the past few years, particularly government efforts to promote economic diversification, a favourable business climate and solid infrastructure. “In addition to a premier luxury holiday destination in the world with a high rate of return, Mauritius is one of the most business and investment friendly locations’’.

Investors have been attracted to Mauritius due to the island's mature, safe environment, established resort tourism offerings and stable government and economy. European and Middle Eastern investors along with institutional investors often prefer Mauritius over continental Africa for these reasons. "Tourism has made an important contribution to this stability and, with the improving global economy and the country carving out a new future tourism economy based on innovation, the country will sustain positive tourism numbers well into the future''.


Key Figures

10 spacious Junior suites
2 Senior suites of 95 square meters
1 Senior suites of 115 square meters
Deluxe Rooms
10 spacious Junior suites
2 Senior suites of 95 square meters
1 Senior suites of 115 square meters

Pointe aux Canonniers, Mauritius


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